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The Gate of Olympus Demo slot allows you to play without spending real money. With the demo version of the game, you can experience the mechanics, learn the basic rules, and play with virtual currency. You can launch the trial version of the game on smartphones, tablets, computers, or laptops for free.

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Features of the Gates of Olympus demo version

Demo versions of slots allow you to play without real deposits. They are designed for preliminary familiarization with the game. That’s why many game developers offer “trial” versions. Pragmatic Play Studio is no exception to this trend. The Gates of Olympus slot demo has a number of features. Let’s take a closer look at the main factors.

Compatibility with different devices. The trial period of the game can be launched on any smartphones and tablets. The game automatically adjusts to the display. It is convenient to control the slot even with one hand.

Ability to play in any currency. The demo version of Gates of Olympus slot is available in any currency. There is no need to convert currencies. This eliminates additional confusion. You can keep track of your bets and calculate the profitability of strategies.

Identity of technical characteristics. The slot is popular because it pays out 96.5% of the funds loaded. The machine doesn’t pay out winnings as often, but it frequently awards big prizes. Therefore, in this game, you can use “Set and Run” or “Wait and See” tactics.

Playing the Gates of Olympus demo is convenient because the trial version has the same technical characteristics. It pays out 96.5% of the loaded funds and frequently awards impressive multipliers. This opens up a range of advantages:

  1. A strategy created in testing mode will work when playing with real money. You won’t have to adapt to new algorithms and test different strategies. After a free tactic check, you can top up your account and play with real money.
  2. You can test existing strategies without risk. Different betting systems are offered on the internet, but they may not be suitable for all slots. Unfortunately, developers often do not specify which games their tactics are designed for. The Gates of Olympus demo slot allows you to play completely free of charge. This will allow you to assess the effectiveness of the strategy without any expenses.

The trial period of the game has the same images, multipliers, and other settings. The only difference is that in the demo, you can play with free casino credits.

Ability to bet without registration. This slot is available in many casinos. Some platforms allow players to launch the trial version of the game even without registration. Just find the desired slot in the lobby and click on the game with the left mouse button.

How to play Gates of Olympus Demo

The Gate of Olympus demo slot works on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Launching the trial version of the game is as simple as possible. You can play for free right through our website! To do this, you need to:

  1. Find the button to start the slot.
  2. Click on it with the left mouse button.
  3. Wait for the game to load.
  4. Set the bet size.

After launching, the game will credit the necessary amount of free credits. If these funds run out, you can simply restart the slot. Just refresh the page. The machine will credit new free credits, and you can continue playing.

In the Gates of Olympus demo simulation, you can also play through online casinos. Users need to:

  1. Go to the casino’s website.
  2. Find the slot.
  3. Hover the cursor over the game image.

The further actions depend on the company’s conditions. Some places only require clicking on the image, after which the casino will load the trial period. In other casinos, you may need to click on the “Play for Free” button separately.

Playing the demo of the Gates of Olympus slot through our website is much more convenient. There are thousands of different machines in casinos. Therefore, sometimes there are problems with searching. Here you will find the game as quickly as possible. You won’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out the navigation.

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Bonuses and Winning Opportunities in Gates of Olympus Demo

Playing the demo version is possible without making any real deposits. Here, you are not risking anything and can place maximum bets completely for free.

However, it is important to consider another aspect. If you play Gates of Olympus for free, it means that you cannot expect to receive any winnings. The slot pays out prizes in virtual currency, which cannot be exchanged for real money or casino bonuses. These funds remain in the account of the demo version of the slot machine.

In terms of other features, there won’t be any significant differences from the base version. The same multipliers, maximum bets, and bonus rounds are available here.

Maximum Win: In the Gates of Olympus demo slot, the max win reaches $500,000. You can calculate the maximum reward by yourself. The slot’s rules state that it pays out prizes up to x5000 the bet size. The maximum spin value is $100.

When playing the demo version of the Gates of Olympus slot, the conditions are the same as in the base version. When reaching x5000 of the bet size, the game will stop the round and award the prize. This will happen even if the player still has a few free spins remaining.

Bonus Rounds. Playing Gates of Olympus demo with a bonus follows the same rules as playing for real money. The game has 10 main symbols, and one of the most important is the image of Zeus. This image serves as a scatter symbol, meaning it can trigger free spins. When 4 or more Thunderbolt symbols land on the reels, the slot will award winnings and initiate a series of bonus spins.

Initially, the player receives 15 free spins. However, the number of bonus rounds can significantly increase in the future. The slot will award 5 additional free spins if the player gets 3 scatters in any of the rounds.

When playing the Gates of Olympus demo version, the technical specifications remain the same as in the base version. The return coefficients and prize payout frequency do not change fundamentally.

It is not possible to buy a bonus round in the slot. Therefore, you can only get free spins when 4 or more scatters appear on the game field. However, you can increase the chances of these symbols appearing by enabling the “Ante” feature.

You can activate this option through a special panel on the left side of the slot machine. The bet size per spin will increase by 25%. Other technical indicators remain the same after enabling the “Ante” feature.

Pros and Cons of Gates of Olympus Demo Version

The demo game Gates of Olympus has its own pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of the trial version. This will help determine whether it is worth using such a slot option in principle.


First, let's consider the disadvantages. There are minimal negative factors. The only significant "drawback" is the absence of real payouts even with maximum winnings. The demo version does not involve crediting real prizes to the main casino account.

Also, it is important not to forget about the absence of excitement. Playing for free is not as interesting as placing bets with real money. Here, you don't lose anything, earn anything, or take any risks. There won't be a surge of adrenaline. To experience real gambling sensations and get your nerves tingling, you can only do so after making real investments.


Now let's talk about the advantages of the demo version. There are quite a few. First, it's worth noting that the Gates of Olympus slot demo allows you to save money. Testing betting strategies with real money can lead to losses. You would need to make deposits and risk your own funds.

In the testing period, you can play absolutely for free. There are no real payouts or risks involved. In case you lose all the credited credits, you can simply refresh the page. The website will reload the slot, and your balance will be restored.

The Gates of Olympus demo version and the base game have the same technical specifications. The return coefficients, frequency of winnings, number of symbols, and available features are all the same. Even the musical accompaniment is identical.


The trial version of the game will provide you with an excellent experience. It will allow you to assess the capabilities of the slot, test the effectiveness of its features, and betting strategies. The developers have released a test period of the slot in all currencies. You won’t have to constantly convert currencies, making it much easier to analyze tactics.

Demo version of Gates of Olympus

Demo version of Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus demo max win

Gates of Olympus demo max win

Olympus Gates play

Olympus Gates play

Gates of Olympus demo with bonus

Gates of Olympus demo with bonus


  • Can I play the demo version of Gates of Olympus in the app?

    The developers have optimized the game for different platforms. The trial version of the slot is also available in the 1WIN app. Download it on our website.

  • Will I receive real winnings from bets in the demo?

    No, bets in the testing period are only made with the internal currency of the slot.

  • What should I do if I run out of money in my demo account?

    Simply restart the slot. After that, the game will provide you with new free credits.

  • Do the algorithms differ between the demo and base versions?

    No, the slot operates based on the same algorithms.

  • How can I receive real winnings?

    To do so, you need to top up your casino balance and play with real money.

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