How to Win at Gates of Olympus

The Gates of Olympus slot offers excellent chances to win. The game returns 96.5% of the bet money. Successful spins are rare, but players can receive impressive prizes from a single successful round. This became possible due to the algorithms set by the manufacturer. These settings cannot be changed in the casino. The reliability of the slot and the high chance of triggering big multipliers have made the game popular. Let’s explore which betting strategies are suitable for this machine.

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Basics of the Gates of Olympus game

Gates of Olympus: how to win with maximum chances – this is a popular request among players. However, first, let’s understand the game’s features. Betting strategies need to be aligned with the slot’s technical parameters. The machine has 2 main indicators:

  • RTP (Return to Player). This parameter shows how much money the slot pays out in winnings. This machine returns 96.5% of the loaded funds. Some players receive significantly more than they bet, while others experience losses. However, overall, the slot pays out the set amount. A 96.5% indicator is considered high, meaning the game offers good chances of winning.
  • Volatility. This indicator characterizes the frequency of wins and the sizes of multipliers. The mentioned game has high volatility. Therefore, the slot pays out prizes rarely but allows for significant multipliers.

Any gameplay strategy in Gates of Olympus should take these parameters into account. Otherwise, the player will simply spend money without earning anything.

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Gameplay Mechanics in Gates of Olympus

The betting algorithm in the slot is extremely simple. To make a profit, you need to:

  1. Register on a casino website that features this game.
  2. Top up your balance.
  3. Find and launch the slot.
  4. Set the bet size. This can be done through the “Plus” and “Minus” buttons located at the bottom of the game interface. After clicking on either button, an additional window will appear. Once the bet size is set, the window can be closed.
  5. Start spinning the reels. To do this, click on the large circular button in the slot interface, or use the spacebar or Enter key.

The game will reset the current symbols and new ones will drop from the top. You will receive a win if 8 or more identical symbols appear on the game field.

The gameplay mechanics in Gates of Olympus are straightforward. This slot does not have any paylines, so you don’t have to adjust the number of winning patterns.

To minimize risks, it is important to properly calculate the bet sizes. We recommend following these rules:

  1. The minimum bet should not exceed 3-5% of your bankroll.
  2. Avoid going all-in.

The slot is capable of paying out big wins. However, this happens rarely. Therefore, risking a significant portion of your bankroll will lead to quick losses.

Strategy for Playing Gates of Olympus

The slot has a good return rate and high volatility. These factors should be used to form a winning strategy.


For the Gates of Olympus slot, this type of strategy is considered the simplest. The player needs to:

  1. Start the slot.
  2. Place the minimum bet.
  3. Wait for a series of 5-6 consecutive losses.
  4. Increase the bet size by 3-4 times.
  5. Continue playing until a win is achieved.
  6. Return to the minimum bet after a win.

Next, it is necessary to alternate cycles. The tactic is based on the workings of the slot machine. The slot pays out wins rarely. However, large multipliers often appear here. Therefore, it is advantageous to initially play with small amounts and then sharply increase the investment volume before a win.

Based on statistics

This tactic is similar to the option mentioned above. However, it is slightly more precise. The player needs to:

  1. Start the slot and place the minimum amount per round.
  2. Play 80-90 consecutive rounds.
  3. Record the results of each game.
  4. Calculate the frequency of successful spins.
  5. Increase the cost per round before each successful spin.

The mentioned strategy for playing Gates of Olympus will yield better results. It takes into account the current parameters of the slot.

Set and Run

The slot gives out prizes rarely, but there can be successful spins even from the first bet. You can use this feature of the machine for the "Set and Run" strategy. You need to:

  1. Start the game and set the maximum bet size for you.
  2. Play 1-2 rounds.
  3. If you lose, move on to the next slot.

This tactic is risky, so it is worth choosing for players with a large bankroll. Regular users are advised not to use this method.

Tips for winning at Gates of Olympus

You won’t have to spend a long time figuring out how to win at Gates of Olympus. It’s a simple slot, so even beginners won’t have any difficulties. However, following some tips will help you reduce risks.

Test tactics on demo mode. Above, we mentioned 3 optimal strategies for playing. If desired, you can develop your own strategies. Each option should be further tested in the demo version of the slot. It allows you to play for free, so there won’t be any real risks involved.

The demo has the same RTP and volatility. Therefore, the game plan for Gates of Olympus will be identical for both the main and trial versions of the slot.

Use casino bonuses. Many casinos offer welcome bonuses and run various other promotions. We recommend participating in all promotions. You’ll get more money and be able to increase the number of bets. As the number of rounds increases, so do the chances of winning.

No random bets. For the Gates of Olympus slot, the strategy will only work if the condition of consistency is observed. It’s best to forget about random bets. Unsystematic gameplay is a direct path to losses.

Utilize the bonus round. The slot offers a bonus game. When 4 or more images of Zeus appear, the machine gives out 15 free spins. This increases the chances of success. There is no option to buy free spins here. However, players can double the likelihood of getting the desired symbols. In this case, the bet will increase by 25%.

No such thing as a 100% strategy. The perfect game plan for Gates of Olympus is a utopia. Such tactics do not exist. A lot depends on the player’s luck. In the event of a losing streak, it’s better to simply close the slot and return to the game the next day.


The tactics mentioned above will increase your chances of success. However, there are no guaranteed schemes. On the internet, you can find many offers for the sale of reliable betting strategies. This is a scam! It is also not advisable to use programs that claim to increase slot machine payouts. Such software can install malicious software on the player’s device.

Strategy game Gates of Olympus

Strategy game Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus game plan

Gates of Olympus game plan

Gates of Olympus how to win

Gates of Olympus how to win

Gates of Olympus strategy

Gates of Olympus strategy


  • What is the best strategy for playing Gates of Olympus?

    There is no perfect strategy. Any of the mentioned strategies can yield good results. Success in slots often depends on the player's luck.

  • Is it possible to win in Gates of Olympus in general?

    Of course, Gates of Olympus consistently ranks in the top 100 best games in various casinos. The slot is popular among players because of its high payouts.

  • Do the chances of winning increase when using the bonus round?

    In the bonus round, you receive 15 free spins. This significantly increases your chances of winning.

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